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Introducing Wireless Pacific’s X10DR® family of long-range wireless remote speaker microphones. They are a proven new age version of a digital vehicular repeater. So like a traditional digital vehicular repeater, the X10DR gateway’s operational role is to pass all traffic from the attached host mobile radio to the users X10DR handsets. In the same fashion that a traditional digital vehicular repeater is meant to do but without all the historic drawbacks and limitations. The X10DR digital vehicular repeater is the new-age alternative. X10DR allows the user to communicate over their vehicle’s radio as though they were still sitting in the vehicle.

X10DR Digital Vehicular Repeater 

X10DR’s inherent methodology solves the age-old operational issues related to a traditional digital vehicular repeater. X10DR is a proven “out of vehicle communication solution” that simply works. Elite Plus models with a XRTG Plus rooftop gateway can provide communications from 650 meters back to the vehicle. The Pro Plus models can provide up to 500 meters from the vehicle, while the X10DR Lite provides 300 meters talkback capability. So a lot further than most of us generally would choose to walk. Most of us will move the vehicle closer rather than commuting backwards and forward hundreds of meters.

What are the X10DR advantages:

Because of X10DR’s unique design, the following issues are addressed. Most importantly, there is no need for a licensed frequency. There is no shared traffic, no lost audio and no lost vital radio alert or system tones. Importantly, X10DR Digital Vehicular Repeater systems do not suffer from serious contention issues when multiple vehicles arrive at an incident or scene. As many would know, chaos often follows unless strict management protocol criteria is religiously followed. Logic said there had to be a better way and today there is.

Our Mission Critical focused X10DR Elite Plus units deliver exceptional out of vehicle communications back over the vehicle’s mobile radios. X10DR Elite Plus models allow handsfree full-duplex communications on-site while maintaining full access to the vehicle’s mobile channel. All conversations are AES protected and are fully private and completely exclusive. Incredibly, the installed cost of an X10DR out of vehicle communications system is but a fraction of the cheapest traditional vehicle repeaters. 

Is there a case for traditional vehicular repeaters:

Naturally, we understand there are those situations where users may frequently be required to walk miles into the wilderness, or into high rise buildings. While exceptional for most, these extended range considerations demand the use and cost of a traditional vehicular repeater with high powered portables.

Most importantly, we know the majority of users simply just require a good reliable “bubble” of solid communications around their immediate vehicle. The actual area where 95% plus of their real work duties are performed. Human nature ensures users will park their vehicle as close to the work area as is possible. It is here where X10DR truly excels. X10DR continues to provide the industry’s benchmark. A proven out of vehicle solution delivering practical and realistic long-range performance.

Age Old Problem

X10DR Digital Vehicular repeater DVRS

Since the creation of the first mobile two-way radio, system designers have grappled with how to enhance user mobility when away from the vehicle. Besides implementing, often financially unviable network infrastructure designed for hand-held portable coverage, the only other solution historically has been vehicular repeaters.

Vehicular repeaters are intended to enable portable transmissions to be repeated through the vehicle’s radio onto the radio network. Unfortunately, they are often cumbersome and expensive. They always require careful engineering. Requiring use of additional frequencies. Always require critically complex contention management protocols to eliminate clashing from multiple vehicle repeaters arriving at the same scene. We knew there had to be a better way

In April 2012, Wireless Pacific unleashed the X10DR Secure Wireless Microphone. A real solution that truly delivered a Powerfully Simple™ cost-effective solution to this age-old mobile radio problem.

Elite Plus & Pro Plus


Elite Plus models allow up to three handsets to operate from a single gateway creating an exclusive, secure, and private, local talkaround channel to allow your team to communicate license-free on-site while still maintaining instant access to the host mobile radio network. Best of all they are now fully equipped to provide full-duplex handsfree operation on site.

Think of the workflow improvements handsfree can provide your work teams onsite. No, we cannot provide handsfree over the one/two-frequency simplex channel mobile radio channel but we can offer the next best thing.

The AES 128bit secure X10DR Pro Plus is the latest incarnation of Wireless Pacific’s patented well-proven ‘out of vehicle’  communications solution. Providing all the original first-generation X10DR and 2nd generation Pro Series established ‘out of vehicle’ capabilities. 

Focused on supporting the lone worker it now features advanced emergency and optional Mandown biometric monitor for the remote monitoring of the workers well being. The Pro Plus model additionally features an IP67 waterproof housing and a ‘Search’ button for multiple gateway roaming for non-vehicle applications.

All voice communications plus system alert tones from the mobile radio and other connected X10DR users are audible at all times ensuring users are totally connected. Like the Elite Plus model, X10DR Pro Plus has Find Me™ allowing a lost handset or more importantly, will assist. a colleague to be audibly located should they fall unconscious in the course of their duties.

Both X10DR Elite and Pro secure wireless microphones can be mated with our XWPB wireless PTT button to allow “handsfree like”  transmissions over your radio channel.

X10DR Lite

X10DR Digital Vehicular repeater DVRS

X10DR Lite long-range wireless remote speaker microphones are a highly cost-effective alternative communications solutions to vehicular repeaters. X10DR Lite provides up to 300 meters (1000ft) practical coverage from your vehicle. This ensures all your team members continue to remain in constant radio contact.

With X10DR everyone knows what is going on. Users are always fully connected. No matter they are heading down a highway, or more importantly, out of the vehicle doing what they are employed to do. When you think about it, isn’t that the reason you bought an ”open channel” radio system to begin with?

Forget expensive and complex vehicular repeaters. The X10DR Lite long-range wireless remote speaker microphones are the cost-effective out of vehicle radio communications system for every other mobile radio user!

X10DR Lite delivers the same out of vehicle communications performance reliability as its X10DR Pro/Elite model variants, in a slimmed-down package which does not have the advanced systems features (& associated additional cost) that is demanded by first responders using the X10DR Elite Plus or Pro Plus model.

X10DR Lite was designed specifically for every other mobile two way radio user that seeks the same liberating and proven, long-distance wireless microphone communication out of their vehicle found in every X10DR released since its very first, patented, conception.

Your staff are only a single button press away from calling for assistance over their mobile two-way radio.

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